SLOPE-1SLOPE2SLOPE3A slope of a site can create a lot of challenging issues on a job. Accelerated erosion (water traveling quickly down a slope and dislodging soil) will take place if the slope is not vegetated or protected. East Coast Erosion Control has you covered with over 20 different erosion blankets, TRMs (Turf Reinforcement Mats) and Hydraulic mulches to protect the slope before vegetation is established. And all of our products will help you obtained vegetation quicker and thicker than just seeding alone. Our sediment devices will also protect the site before a blanket can be applied. All of these products are designed to keep your site in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

All of our Blankets, TRM’s and Hydraulic mulches are rated for the slope they are suitable for. We refer to the slope as a ratio of “rise” to “run” in which run is the horizontal distance and rise is the vertical distance. Our products will provide a much greener solution than rock armoring and usually cost less as well.

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