Diane Smith, President

Diane (Hitt) Smith has been with the company since its inception.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Albright University in Business Management. Diane has over 25 years’ experience in all areas of manufacturing including strategic planning, management, sales, operations, accounting, and customer service. Diane was awarded the prestigious STEP award in 2012 from The Manufacturing Institute, which recognizes women in manufacturing.  She is the current Chairwoman for the Erosion Control Technology Council and sits on the finance committee for the International Erosion Control Association. Diane currently serves as the liaison for the erosion control industry with the NTPEP program.  She is an active member of the IECA and ASTM and serves on various advisory boards in the erosion control, finance, and non-profit areas.  She has 2 grown children and enjoys traveling.

Anthony Forino, Partner

Tony is the founder and President of Forino Company, which is honored as number 204 of the top United States Builders for 2008. His 38 years of experience in business and personnel management has provided a basis for the East Coast Erosion Blankets, LLC’s current values. Tony loves work but most of all loves spending time with wife, Sandy, three grown daughters, and three grandchildren.

John G. Smith, Chief Financial Officer

John’s experience with financial responsibility, personnel, and organizational skills has enabled him to adapt to the many challenges of the erosion industry. His past experiences include ten years in Golf course management and over thirteen years in the construction industry. John has also served on the Board of Directors for the Home Builders Association and the Berks County Conservation District, and currently holds the position of President for the Board of Directors for six Homeowner Associations. In addition, John serves as the Vice President for the Forino Company, a privately held residential Home Builder. He is an active member of the International Erosion Control Association. John has a son and daughter who both currently attend private universities.

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East Coast Erosion
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