CASE STUDY Some of the fastest growing areas in the Greater Philadelphia Region are located along U.S. 202 and it has become a major commuter route in the tri-state region withdailytrafficvolumesinexcessof100,00vehicles. ThePennsylvaniaDepartment of Transportation (PennDOT) was tasked with improving U.S. 202 to reduce traffic congestion, by rebuilding the existing two-lane pavement, constructing a new third lane, improving the stormwater management system, and widening the shoulders, a $105.4MM project. The widening of the roadway resulted in steep side slopes exceeding 33% gradient slopes (3H:1V) that needed to be protected with rolled erosion control products to minimize accelerated erosion and the resulting sedimentation. SITUATION PennDOT U.S. 202 Project Philadelphia,PA ThePennsylvaniaDepartmentofEnvironmentalProtection(PADEP)istheregulatory authority for earth disturbance activities in Pennsylvania. In March of 2012, the PA DEP issued the“Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Program Manual”Technical Guidance Number 363-2134-008. The Manual states, “Erosion control blankets should be used on all slopes that are 3H:1V or steeper and where potential exists for sediment pollution to receiving surface waters.”The need for stabilization on the side slopes in reference of the SR 202 Section 320 project was met by installing by ECB-1. The DOT’s sub-contractors had a successful confluence of implementation with good soil prep, effective seeding and germination rates, seasonal timeliness, and sound installation of the ECB-1 to hold it all together until the channels and slopes were permanently stabilized. SOLUTION A PennDOT Pre-qualified subcontractor was subcontracted to install the 300,000+ square feet of ECS-1 on the recently excavated and seeded bare slopes of Section 320. Facing steep slopes, the contractor used ECS-1 to overcome the challenging terrain along the roadsides of Route 202 in Chester County. The measures assisted in the stabilization of the soil, successfully providing grass growth along the entire corridor in under four months. RESULT TRANSPORTATION PRODUCT PROFILES • ECS1 PRODUCT FEATURES Steep Slope Photo Degradable Degradable Tread Single Net EastCoastErosionControl · 443BrickerRoad · Bernville,PA19506 · 610.488.8496 ·