Stream Restoration

Few areas of erosion control are as challenging as waterway restoration applications. Erosion forces are at their greatest. Overland flow is a constant threat. Ice jams and “sweeper effect” hasten the erosion process – meanwhile ecosystems are at their most sensitive.

Erosion control blankets, TRMs and HPTRMs become key in applications where bank erosion and undercutting of terrain and/or tree roots is a major concern. On a greater scale, erosion control measures plan an integral role in revegetation during dam construction or removal.

In bank restorations where the ecosystem is sensitive or access is poor, heavy equipment may not be feasible. Riprap is burdensome and collects pollutants. Erosion blankets provide an option that does not require heavy machinery and can reach to remote locations.

From the resting vegetation line well up into the tree line, stream bank restoration requires some type of erosion control measure to facilitate natural vegetation.

As a leader in the industry and our community, we recognize the need for products which are friendly to the environment and our wildlife. The ECOSELECTproduct line features 100% biodegradable erosion control blankets and sediment devices. Made with all-natural raw materials, the products are engineered to control and reduce the damage caused by wind and water erosion.

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