A slope of a site can create a lot of challenging issues on a job.

Slopes are a reality of our world. Erosion will take place if the slope is not vegetated or protected. As engineers and site planners decide which product to use on the job site, they must evaluate the slope incline, climate and precipitation trends and rates, soil types and other factors in determining the best management practices, they also take into consideration many other factors.

At the core of determining the BMP is understanding the original point of impact is when the rain hits the surface of the soil and erosion will begin.  Without protection, accelerated erosion (water traveling quickly down a slope and dislodging soil) will occur.  From the point of contact, the force or erosion increases in relativity to the volume of water and slope degree.

Erosion control on slopes is rooted in the understanding that BMPs:

  • Reduce velocity, force and damage at point of impact
  • Provide a medium that creates soil stabilization and encourages vegetation
  • Mimics the environmental and habitat characteristics of a natural ecosystem (LID)

East Coast Erosion Control has you covered with over 20 different types of erosion blankets and TRMs (Turf Reinforcement Mats) that act as a barrier between the water and the soil/seed, to protect the slope before grass is established. And Any of all of our products will help you obtain vegetation quicker and thicker than just seeding alone. Our sediment devices when used in conjunction with the erosion blankets can aid on a slope with reducing the speed of the water flowing down the slope.  All of these products are designed to keep your site in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

The erosion control blankets and TRM’s are rated for the slope they will most effectively perform.  We refer to the slope as a ratio of “run” to “rise” in which run is the horizontal distance and rise is the vertical distance. An example is 3:1 slope. Our products will provide a much greener solution than rock, while saving you lots of money.

Unsure of which product to use? Our EC Designer will help you find the right solution for your problem so that you stay in compliance and keep your slopes protected. The EC Designer is a free app that can assist you in selecting the proper erosion blanket for your slope right on the jobsite by simply taking a picture. We encourage you to try it today.

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