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State-by-state specifications and APL/QPL lists.

When it comes to dealing with erosion control, contractors and project managers must ensure that they are abiding by all laws and regulations before they can move forward with a project. This is important not only for the environment but for road safety as well. State DOTs have specifications for erosion control and penalties for not adhering to their regulations.

Use the DOT Approvals tool from East Coast Erosion to easily find relevant specifications in your state.

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Why Do We Need Erosion Control for Road Construction Projects?

If erosion is left uncontrolled during a highway construction project, the sedimentation will have negative effects on streams and can also damage the surrounding land and drainage structures. Moreover, not following state DOT erosion control specifications may result in monetary fines.

By following BMPs, you can minimize erosion damage and the need for corrective measures.

How to Implement Erosion Control Measures

DOT erosion control tips frequently include actions such as:

  • Minimizing the amount of exposed soil area and the length of time those areas are exposed
  • Completing construction in phases to control the amount of soil that is exposed
  • Containing potential pollutants on site
  • Controlling or diverting run-on flows to the site
  • Stabilizing concentrated flows in ditches
  • Covering the bare soil per state specifications and regulations with erosion blankets, erosion logs, rocks or other erosion devices until revegetation occurs

What Happens If Erosion State DOT Specifications Are Not Followed?

Failure to perform erosion control to state DOT specifications may result in monetary fines and could potentially halt the project. Results of violations may differ from one state to another. Violations may include:

  • Failure to perform inspections at prescribed intervals
  • Failure to update documentation and records
  • Failure to limit exposed soil area
  • Failure to stabilize disturbed areas
  • Failure to utilize specified or approved materials/products

The amount of time you have to correct failures may vary depending on where you're working. It's vital to address violations within the time permitted, since failure to do so may result in fines, a Stop Work Order or other penalties as determined by the state DOT.

Choose East Coast Erosion Products for Erosion Control on Your Project

At East Coast Erosion, we offer many erosion control products that can be used for your transportation infrastructure projects. All of our products go through rigorous testing for impeccable quality and compliance with state DOT specifications where applicable.

Our products include:

  • BlanketsWe have accelerated, short-term, extended-term and permanent blanket options made from straw and turf reinforcement mat (TRM) materials.
  • Sediment control rollsWe offer straw wattles in 9", 12" and 20" sizes, excelsior wattles made from 100% weed-free aspen excelsior that come in 12" and 20" sizes and coir log options, which can be either standard or premium and come in 12", 16" and 20" sizes.
  • Coir matsThe coir mats we offer are 100% biodegradable and available in 400-, 700- and 900-gram options.

Whatever your project may be, East Coast Erosion has a product solution for you. Contact us today for more information.

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