Shore Lines

Shorelines take a lot of abuse from water and are usually hard to maintain. Not only do they typically see daily wave action but they also are effected by flooding, runoff and many times heavy use by humans.

With recent natural disasters, FEMA and regional environmental authorities are hard at work to evaluate the risks. Climate change and population pressures are creating an environment of changing coastal densities and erosion impacts. Recognizing the environment sensitivity of wetlands and shorelines, more and more states are requiring biodegradable shoreline solutions. East Coast Erosion Control offers many products that are strong enough to protect the shore while protecting the water quality at the same time and are biodegradable.

Every coast – ocean, gulf, or non-saltwater body – has a degree of coastal erosion. When no man-made barrier is constructed to mitigate coastline erosion, streambank protection is often specified as coir logs. East Coast Erosion makes these coir logs domestically, and they can qualify for the Buy American Act credits.

When a levee is present, over topping is a sincere risk and TRM/HPTRM deployment is key to preventing levee breach.  We’ll never be able to build levees high enough to prevent all failures, but engineers must ensure that when the time comes, the backend forces do not erode shorelines to the point of breach. Erosion control blankets reinforce shorelines to mitigate chance and severity of failure.

We offer many soft armor options that are green and many times increases habitat for the local wildlife. Our EC Designer will help you find the right solution for your problem so that you stay in compliance and keep your shores protected.

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