Coir Mats

Coir Mats

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900 gram Coir Mat

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400 gram Coir Mat

Coir Mats

If you’re looking for an erosion control solution with enhanced durability and strength against the elements, coir mats from East Coast Erosion offer the soil protection you need. Our soil stabilization mats are designed to help maintain healthy vegetation for an extended period of time in a variety of environmental conditions. Our coir mats are also completely biodegradable, which allows them to return to the ecosystem after they have outlived their use.

Types of Coir Mats

There are multiple types of open weave textile mats, each with its own level of strength and resilience. Popular kinds of coir mats used by engineers in construction and restoration projects include 400 gram, 700 gram and 900 gram.

Coir mat erosion control solutions are most commonly used on steep slopes where vegetation may be susceptible to erosion from wind and rain. These products can also withstand colder temperatures and areas with other environmental risks. Our woven geotextiles for erosion control are designed to operate on 1:1 slopes or greater and offer functional longevity of over three years.

At East Coast Erosion, we offer the following woven coir matting options for erosion management applications.

EC-9Y 900 Gram Coir Mats

The more grams per square meter of material in a coir mat, the less open space there is in the matting. The EC-9Y 900 gram coir mat is our strongest soil stabilization mat with only 36% of the product made up of open space.

Our 900 gram coir mats provide extra reinforcement against the elements. They are ideal for projects taking place in exposed, high-risk areas and can withstand a flow velocity of up to 16 ft/s due to their durable composition.

EC-7Y 700 Gram Coir Mats

Our EC-7Y 700 gram coir mats are useful for soil protection needs and larger projects on steep slopes. With 41% open space, these protection solutions are less dense than 900 gram open weave textile mats and are best suited for areas with mid-range environmental risks.

East Coast Erosion 700 gram coir mats can manage flow velocities of 12 ft/s, protecting soil from most erosion caused by the elements. Engineers can use these mats for many types of applications, from commercial construction to transportation and more.

EC-4Y 400 Gram Coir Mats

Like 700 and 900 gram soil stabilization mats, EC-4Y 400 gram coir mats offer incredible strength when used on slopes, hills and banks. If you need to maintain soil integrity in an exposed area for three years or more, these products have you covered.

Our 400 gram coir mats are designed for lower-risk environments, such as areas with moderate exposure to rain, wind and water flow. They can handle flow velocity of up to 8 ft/s and have an open area percentage of 63%.

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