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 RECP Blankets

From accelerated products which are designed for rapid degrading to more than five varieties of turf reinforcement mats for permanent solutions, feel assured East Coast Erosion Control has you covered. We have even made product coding simple. All products begin with EC for East Coast, followed by the Matrix (S/Straw, C/Coconut, P/polypropylene), and ending with the number of nets. Specialty products end with a B for biodegradable, or D for rapid degrading. For product assurance, always look for the EC designation.

At East Coast Erosion Control, we offer a wide variety of erosion blankets, including straw erosion blankets, biodegradable erosion blankets, excelsior erosion blankets and more. Here is a breakdown of what we provide:

Accelerated: 45-90 days


Temporary Single Straw


Temporary Double Straw

Both of our accelerated options have a functional longevity of 45 to 90 days. They are also palletized to make transporting them easy, and an installation guide is included. Your options are:

  • Temporary single straw: These blankets are made with 100% agricultural straw, a polypropylene net and biodegradable thread to sew it together.
  • Temporary double straw: These blankets have two polypropylene nets for extra durability which are sewn to the 100% agricultural straw with degradable thread.

Short Term: up to one year


Single Net Straw


Biodegradable Single Straw


Double Net Straw


Biodegradable Double Straw


Single Net Excelsior

Our short-term blanket options protect for up to one year and include:

  • Single net straw: Like the temporary straw blanket option, this single net straw blanket is made with 100% agricultural straw and one polypropylene net that are sewn together with biodegradable thread.
  • Double net straw: Two polypropylene nets are used with the straw plus biodegradable thread.
  • Single net excelsior: With this blanket option, 100% aspen wood excelsior is used instead of straw. The excelsior is sewn to a polypropylene net with biodegradable thread.
  • Biodegradable single straw: This type of blanket is made with organic jute and 100% agricultural straw, sewn together with biodegradable thread.
  • Biodegradable double straw: The double straw biodegradable blanket has two organic jute nets sewn to the straw with biodegradable thread.

Extended Term: up to two years


Biodegradable Straw/Coconut


Double Net Excelsior


Double Net Straw/Coconut


Biodegradable Double Coconut


Double Net Coconut

For blankets intended to protect up to two years, we have the following options:

  • Biodegradable straw/coconut: These blankets are made with 70% agricultural straw and 30% coconut fiber and two organic jute nets that are sewn together with biodegradable thread.
  • Double net straw/coconut: With a 70/30 mix of agricultural straw and coconut fiber, these blankets have two polypropylene nets and are sewn with biodegradable thread.
  • Double net coconut: This type of blanket uses 100% coconut fiber with two polypropylene nets that are sewn together with UV-stabilized thread.
  • Double net excelsior: These blankets are 100% aspen wood excelsior with two polypropylene nets and biodegradable thread to sew them together.
  • Biodegradable double coconut: With this blanket option, two organic jute nets are sewn with biodegradable thread to 100% coconut fiber.


ECP-2 10oz.

Polypropylene TRM


Polypropylene TRM


Straw/Coconut TRM


Coconut TRM


Polypropylene TRM

T-RECS Blanket

Permanent Polypropylene

For permanent blanket options, we have a variety of Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) and our signature T-RECS options. Here is a breakdown of our permanent offerings:

  • ECP-2 polypropylene TRM: This type of blanket consists of two medium-weight polypropylene nets and 100% green polypropylene fiber sewn with UV-stabilized thread.
  • ECP-2 10 oz. polypropylene TRM: These are made with 100% polypropylene fiber and two polypropylene nets of medium weight with UV-stabilized thread to sew them together.
  • ECP-3 polypropylene TRM: To make these blankets, UV-stabilized thread is used to sew together three heavyweight polypropylene nets and 100% green polypropylene fiber.
  • Coconut TRM: UV-stabilized threads are used to secure three polypropylene nets and 100% coconut fiber.
  • Straw/coconut TRM: These blankets have a mix of 70% agricultural straw and 30% coconut fiber, which is sewn together with UV-stabilized thread to three polypropylene nets.
  • T-RECS permanent polypropylene: Our high-performance T-RECS mats are used for steep slopes and are made of woven polypropylene geotextile.

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