Short-Term Erosion Control Blankets

Agricultural straw securely sewn together with polypropylene netting

Erosion can strip soil of its best qualities and harm vegetation, as well as downstream water quality and ecosystems. With short-term erosion blankets from East Coast Erosion Control, you can protect soil and vegetation from the elements and ensure application of best environmental practices.

Short-Term Blankets Specifications

We provide multiple short-term blankets with a variety of features to help maintain soil integrity. Many of these products feature degradable materials and function for up to a year. We design most of our one-year erosion blankets with agricultural straw, but we also offer aspen wood excelsior with our ECX-1 product.

The short-term blankets come with either organic jute or photodegradable polypropylene nets, which are attached mechanically with biodegradable threads.

Our Short-Term Erosion Blankets

Benefits of Short-Term Erosion Control Blankets

The advantages of investing in short-term erosion control include:

  • Reliable protection: Rain or shine, our erosion control products protect and stabilize soil. These blankets retain sediment in the face of wind, water and environmental hazards. They also help the soil retain moisture, so it can properly cultivate recently planted seeds.
  • Short-term functionality: While some forms of erosion control are functional for years, your project may only require a few months to a year of support. After the blanket serves its purpose, it will start to break down thanks to its biodegradable and photodegradable components.
  • Protection on steep slopes: Most of our short-term erosion blankets can operate on slopes up to 2:1 or 3:1. Engineers who work in hilly areas can use them to protect soil and vegetation against the impact of rain and wind.
  • Environmental benefits: The short-term erosion control blankets we offer are degradable or partially degradable, making them eco-friendly soil protection options. We also have photodegradable nets, which will dissolve after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Uses of Short-Term Erosion Control Blankets

Specifying engineers and construction firms use one-year erosion blankets to provide immediate security for either bare soil or recently planted seeds. While the blankets are only functional for a year, they protect soil and vegetation and help keep them in top condition before, during or after major construction or development projects.

For example, if you’re completing a project on slanted ground, you may need one of these blankets to control erosion caused by rainfall. With the help of short-term erosion control, you can support soil stabilization in at-risk areas.

Our short-term solutions are specialized for applications in the transportation industry, such as roadway shoulder construction. At the same time, these blankets may be used in a variety of industries, including residential construction, renewable energy, levee development, mine reclamation and more.

View Our Erosion Blanket Products

If you’re unsure which type of erosion control blanket is right for your engineering project, try out our EC Designer tool or view all of our erosion blanket products. This program will calculate the conditions on your site so you can choose the solution that best fits your needs.

We’re here to help protect soil and vegetation from the harmful effects of erosion. Contact us to learn more about our short-term erosion control blankets.

Curious how East Coast Erosion blankets look on the jobsite? Check out our product application gallery.

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