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Erosion Control Products

East Coast Erosion Control offers a variety of blankets, wattles, TRMs (Turf Reinforcement Mats), HPTRMs (High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats), and installation accessories.

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Oil & Gas

Some news reports have stated that erosion and sediment control are among the most frequent violations committed by oil and gas extraction operations – not safety violations, not noise violations – erosion control.States do require reclamation of inactive well sites. Road restoration. Protection of habitat and wetlands. Noxious weed management. Loosening compacted soil revegetation. It…

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Transportation Infrastructure

Roadways, bridges, and shoulder construction are leading the charge for developing erosion control BMPs. Every day, DOTs are expanding their manuals and requirements for erosion control. East Coast Erosion Control products go through rigorous testing to ensure compliance with DOT requirements for nearly every agency across the country. Our products comply with AASHTO, ASTM, and…

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Renewable Energy Development

Solar gardens and wind farms are popping up across the country. Our distributors are telling us that site designers and engineers are specifying erosion control at an increasing rate. If you are not sourcing erosion control products for renewable energy sites, you are missing out on opportunities – and revenue.  In urban and rural areas…

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Mine Reclamation

Regardless of the type of mine, erosion and sediment control is a must. Sediment control is essential to coal mine reclamation under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA). While each state may have its own requirements for reclamation, they are ever-present and are facing increased scrutiny for doing what is not only required,…

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Our Products

East Coast Erosion Control offers a variety of blankets, wattles, TRMs (Turf Reinforcement Mats), HPTRMs (High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats), and installation accessories.


Double Net Excelsior


Temporary Single Straw

Diane Smith, President
Diane Smith, President

East Coast Erosion Control develops, manufactures and distributes high quality erosion and sediment control solutions for any application.

Transportation and infrastructure development. Golf course development. Mine reclamation. Energy exploration and generation site. Coastal protection and levee reinforcement. Vegetation establishment. Whatever the challenge, our engineered products keep you on solid ground.

We may have started on the East Coast, but today we manufacture products throughout the country and distribute across the globe.

Habitat protection, sustainability, and low impact development are increasingly becoming keys to modern engineering. East Coast Erosion’s solutions make you a leader in the industry.

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Recent News

There is always exciting news coming from the field. We’re proud to share our recent news releases with you and encourage you to visit directly with our team at this year’s shows.

East Coast Erosion Control Launches New Online Tool

East Coast Erosion Control launches a new website featuring a specification finder tool for state Department of Transportations.

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East Coast Receives Tech Award


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Erosion Control 101

VIDEO TIME! We would like to take a minute to throw a little nod to…

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