T-RECS Blanket

East Coast Erosion Control T-RECs blanket material

The high-performance T-RECS Turf Replacement Mat is a permanent, three-dimensional, woven polypropylene geotextile designed for steep slopes up to 0.5:1 and is an ideal, non-hard armoring solution for high-velocity channels and levees.

T-RECS is manufactured with a patented process featuring cross-directional monofilament fibers woven into multiple dimensions featuring T-RECS technology with dome characteristics. This unique process aids in the product’s performance and gives additional support to the vegetation. The product provides reinforcing capabilities and an interlocking root system while assisting with vegetation establishment. It can also be soil-filled to maximize performance.


Functional Longevity


Nets Information
1 Woven

Primary Usage
> 1:1 Slopes & High Flow Channels

How Is the T-RECS Blanket Applied?

Soil erosion is a major environmental issue and the number one cause of pollution to surface waters. This has a devastating effect on wildlife and vegetation in the area, and repairing the damage can be costly and time-consuming.

We’ve developed our T-RECS blanket to be a fast, cost-savings solution unlike anything else on the market, and we’ve made it easy to use by enabling it to be surface applied or soil-filled.

They can be applied anywhere that has a steep slope or is a high-flow channel. Their unique dome shape adheres to the soil subgrade, making it a more effective way to help vegetation grow and strengthen root systems.

Benefits of T-RECS

When it comes to TRM erosion control, a High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) is designed to provide better stabilization for steep slopes, shorelines and other high-flow channels. Our T-RECS blanket is one such option with unique benefits:

  • Affordable solution: Our T-RECS blanket provides permanent soil erosion control for 33% less money than other solutions on the market.
  • Works fast: The mat’s dome shape and three-dimensional structure allow it to catch more soil, water and seed more quickly. This will also help the vegetation to grow faster, become plusher and have a stronger root system.
  • Long-lasting: The T-RECS blanket is a permanent solution, lasting for years to come.
  • Versatile: T-RECS can be soil-filled or surface applied.
  • A better alternative to rip rap: Before T-RECS, rip rap was the only solution to high-flow channels and steep slopes. Rip raps provide solid protection, but they are tough on the environment and they look unnatural. T-RECS provides equal or better strength than rip raps, as they are effectively able to absorb the impact of water, waves, wind, ice and more. They will also give you natural green grass to the edge of your slope or coastline that is thick and usable.
  • Meets standards: T-RECS blankets meet all the toughest industry standards, including Type 5.A, 5.B, 5.C, 5.D, 5.E, and 5.F specifications established by ECTC (Erosion Control Technology Council) and FP-03 Section 713.18 of FHWA (Federal Highway Administration).
  • Made in the USA: We are proud to make our T-RECS blankets right here in the United States so you can feel good about buying an American-made product.

Try the T-RECS Blanket for Your HPTRM Solution

At East Coast Erosion Control, we understand the problem of soil erosion and take pride in our T-RECS blanket as a solution that will save time, money and ultimately the environment. For more information, contact us today!

DOT Approvals

The T-RECS meets Type 5.A, 5.B, and 5.C specification requirements by the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) and the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) FP-03 Section 713.18.


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