A channel is any path that water follows, such as a river or stream. Spillways, drainage and irrigation ditches, sediment collection – whatever the application, channel conditions (and risks) change with each bend of the waterway. While erosion control in channels may employ every type of erosion control BMP, runoff management and sediment control are at the core of every engineering site plan.

East Coast Erosion has a full product line to help control all the problems that a channel can pose.
Previously rip rap or rock was used to control a channel. With modern technology a more aesthetically pleasing alternative is available, hence East Coast Erosion Control products. They create the perfect union of  providing a green solution while saving large amounts of money. Our products can be placed on the banks of a channel to keep the water flowing down the same path and they can be placed on the invert of the channel to keep the channel from eroding the bottom and minimize any sediment pollution, so you can stay in compliance with all regulations. We offer both temporary and permanent options for protection.

Our EC Designer will help you find the right solution for your problem so that you stay in compliance and keep your channels protected.

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