Extended-Term Erosion Blankets

Biodegradable Double Coconut RECP blanket product

At East Coast Erosion Control, we’re dedicated to maintaining high quality and integrity with our products. We manufacture a variety of extended-term erosion blankets for harsh or challenging outdoor environments. Designed with natural fibers, these are reinforced to maximize strength and performance. Our extended-term erosion blankets offer the perfect solution for specifying engineers and construction firms that need long-term soil protection.

Extended-Term Blankets Specifications

Many of the extended-term blankets we offer are engineered with coconut fibers, which gives them the durability they need to maintain soil integrity. The standard for extended-term blankets is about two years, but our ECC-2 blanket may even function for up to 36 months!

Materials we use to optimize our extended-term blankets include:

  • Agricultural straw
  • Coconut fiber
  • Aspen wood excelsior
  • Biodegradable options
  • Photodegradable polypropylene
  • UV-stabilized polypropylene
  • Organic jute
  • Biodegradable or UV-stabilized thread

Each blanket also comes with an installation guide to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness on your job site.

Our Extended-Term Erosion Blankets

Benefits of Extended-Term Erosion Control Blankets

Extended-term erosion blankets are ideal for construction projects that have greater slopes and require longer protection. Erosion can tie up projects and compromise the safety and integrity of developed land. Blankets shelter soil and vegetation from the elements. This keeps the soil stable while holding in moisture and supporting faster growth. Extended-term blankets allow vegetation to grow into the netting, which prepares it to withstand future impact.

Our blankets are also effective against erosion caused by water flow. In the event of heavy rainfall, the flooding of nearby waterways or established channels, extended-term blankets help keep flow and runoff from carrying the soil away.

Some of our extended-term erosion control blankets are also biodegradable and decompose after they’ve served their purpose. East Coast Erosion biodegradable erosion blankets are valuable tools because they help protect sensitive environments.

Uses of Extended-Term Erosion Control Blankets

Project needs can vary among engineers and construction companies, especially in terms of longevity. The main use of extended-term erosion control blankets is to keep soil and new seeds safe from the effects of wind and rain. Whether you’re managing a mine reclamation project, construction project or oil drilling site, erosion control blankets help stabilize the land for your building or site restoration. What sets these blankets apart is their functional longevity — this makes them ideal for applications in challenging projects.

There are many projects that involve sloped land, which is at a higher risk of erosion. East Coast Erosion has engineered extended-term erosion control blankets that can handle terrain with up to 1:1 slopes.

Whether for unreliable terrain or environmental hazards, there are a wide range of reasons you may need an extended-term erosion control solution. Engineers and their erosion control installation teams may use extended-term erosion control solutions for stream restoration projects to help grow healthy vegetation near waterways. Parks also use extended-term blankets to keep their soil in high-quality condition.

View Our Erosion Control Blanket Products

At East Coast Erosion Control, we offer a wide variety of erosion blankets, including straw erosion blankets, biodegradable erosion blankets, excelsior erosion blankets and more. If you need help deciding which erosion control product is right for you, try out our EC Designer tool. To learn more about East Coast Erosion’s RECP blankets, view our erosion control blanket products.

For more details about our extended-term erosion blankets, contact East Coast Erosion today.

Curious how East Coast Erosion blankets look on the jobsite? Check out our product application gallery.

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