Permanent Erosion Control Blankets

East Coast Erosion Control T-RECs blanket material

Turf reinforcement mats help ensure erosion control and soil stabilization, even under challenging conditions.

Permanent Erosion Blanket Specifications

What makes turf reinforcement mats unique is their coconut or polypropylene fiber construction. These materials, along with UV-stabilized polypropylene nets, make them strong enough to withstand tougher conditions on slopes, coastlines, river banks and high-flow channels.

At East Coast Erosion Control, we offer both TRMs and an HPTRM. Our signature HPTRM product, the T-RECS Blanket, is made from woven polypropylene and delivers a better performance in challenging environments. Our erosion blankets are easy to install and comes with an installation guide for your convenience.

Our Permanent Erosion Control Blankets

Benefits of Turf Reinforcement Mats

By having reliable erosion control, you can protect your investment for years to come. Our polypropylene TRM blankets offer a variety of benefits, especially in high-risk areas. For engineers who operate near streams, coastlines and levees, protection from the elements and high water flow is essential. The impact of natural flow rates, heavy rainfall and natural disasters can leave growing vegetation in disarray, and the flow from rising waterways can carry off exposed soil.

Permanent erosion blankets are strong enough to protect against the elements and keep the soil in place while creating means to anchor new vegetation. Additional advantages of these blankets include:

  • Long-term service: Our TRMs provide long-term protection for soil. Our blankets are manufactured to secure vegetation for many years, even in some of the harshest environments.
  • Resilience: Our products are made to hold up against the elements, minimizing erosion on diverse terrain.
  • Ease of transportation: Turf reinforcement mats are easier to transport than concrete or riprap alternatives.

Uses of TRMs

Topsoil exposed to the elements for too long could start to wear away, resulting in environmental issues and causing costly damage to your site. You can use turf reinforcement mats to protect this soil from water flow, wind, rain and other forces.

East Coast Erosion TRMs reinforce soil and vegetation for transportation infrastructure, stream restoration and renewable energy production projects. TRMs may protect soil on coastlines, riverbanks or near other major sources of water.

Our TRM products are designed with organic and non-organic components to benefit the environment while providing additional protection in high flow channels. They are made with strong UV-stabilized thread and polypropylene, straw or coconut fibers.

With TRMs, you can work on steep slopes of 1:1 or less. We have multiple long-term blankets that are suited for various levels of stress, ranging from 10.0 to 14.0 psf on soil with vegetation.

Uses of HPTRMs

For special projects, you may need an erosion blanket with enhanced strength. East Coast Erosion offers a high-performance turf reinforcement mat to meet this need. The HPTRM is our strongest product, capable of protecting soil and vegetation from erosion on steep slopes or high water flow areas. HPTRMs have the greatest durability and can withstand high impact from water forces and natural disasters.

HPTRMs are effective on steep hills and can be used to support 0.5:1 slopes. Their ability to withstand stress levels that exceed 15.0 psf gives them an advantage over other types of TRMs.

Engineers typically use HPTRMs to maintain soil integrity near high-flow channels. Applications may include stream restoration and levee structures. Unlike TRMs, our HPTRM is made of woven polypropylene geotextile, which is designed to secure your project location for years to come.

View Our Erosion Control Blanket Products

If you’re looking for a more reliable erosion blanket to protect soil and vegetation, we have solutions for you. At East Coast Erosion Control, we offer a wide variety of erosion blankets, including straw erosion blankets, biodegradable erosion blankets, excelsior erosion blankets and more. To learn more about East Coast Erosion’s RECP blankets, view our erosion control blanket products.

For more details about our permanent erosion blankets, contact East Coast Erosion today.

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