Accelerated Erosion Blankets

accelerated erosion blanket

Many projects require reliable erosion control solutions for soil stabilization. East Coast Erosion Control manufactures an accelerated lifespan line of products.

Temporary Erosion Control Specifications

At East Coast Erosion, we manufacture multiple rapidly degrading accelerated erosion blankets. These products are designed with temporary agricultural straw and sewn together with biodegradable thread and a polypropylene net. Our accelerated erosion blankets come with:

  • Single and double straw options
  • Multiple size options
  • 45 to 90 days of functional longevity
  • A full installation guide

The erosion control blankets we offer are easy to install and provide your turf with the temporary support it needs.

Our Accelerated Erosion Control Blankets

Benefits of Temporary Erosion Control Blankets

Temporary straw erosion blankets have degradable components, which makes them an environmentally friendly solution for soil protection. Once they’ve outlived their use, they can easily decompose without causing any harm to the ecosystem. This makes them both convenient and safe to use to help maintain soil integrity.

Accelerated erosion blankets are important assets due to their ability to help soil withstand harsh outdoor elements like rainfall. When rain hits uncovered ground, the impact can destroy growing vegetation and carry away soil. Our erosion blankets protect soil from the effects of this initial impact and help control runoff. As a result, they help stabilize newly seeded soil and give vegetation support to grow.

Uses of Accelerated Erosion Control Blankets

Accelerated erosion control blankets are designed to foster vegetation establishment. Our accelerated erosion blankets are best used on flat areas or smaller slopes. For example, if you want to set up permanent vegetation on a slope of 3:1 or less, you might only need to provide soil stabilization for two or three months.

Accelerated erosion control blankets offer a high level of versatility. While some types of erosion control are better suited for specific uses, temporary solutions can fit any number of applications. Accelerated erosion blankets provide temporary soil protection for engineers who serve the following industries:

The most common application for a temporary erosion control blanket is newly seeded soil that needs protection until it reaches its later growth stages. Wind and rain can stifle the germination and growth of new seeds. When soil is disrupted during a construction project, for example, accelerated erosion control blankets can be used to stabilize the soil for vegetation growth. If you need to ensure soil stabilization, having a temporary solution may create a safer, healthier environment for your project.

View Our Accelerated Erosion Blanket Products

Are you ready to create a soil protection and stabilization strategy? Not sure what erosion control blanket is right for you? Try our EC Designer tool.

At East Coast Erosion, we manufacture a line of temporary degradable solutions. Learn more about our erosion blankets, or contact us today for more details about our accelerated erosion blankets.

Curious how East Coast Erosion blankets look on the jobsite? Check out our product application gallery.

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