Big Changes and New Spaces in SC



Last year, we began a $1.2 million dollar construction and renovation project at our facility in Lake City, SC.  Starting with an initial expansion of manufacturing space, we are now moving into more new construction to expand the whole facility. Soon-to-be new offices for our staff will create a fantastic working environment and will comfortably greet all our guests to the facility in South Carolina.

“We anticipate office will be completed by end of summer.  We are very excited to have the support of the local county in our growth!” says President Diane Hitt.

And our employees are certainly excited to be in their new spaces, even if they’re aren’t quite done construction just yet…

New Offices During Construction
Meet Angie! She’s pretty excited to be in her new office very soon.


Big news as of last week was the gifting of a grant from the Florence County Council. We are one of only three companies in the area to receive a grant from the council.  A very many humble thanks to Florence County for the grant. We’ll be putting it towards construction costs and equipment purchases. We love manufacturing here and could not be happier!

Read the full article HERE.

There’s lots more going on in PA, SC, & MT.  Keep an eye on our news page for more updates from all of us here at East Coast Erosion Control.


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