Counting Down the Days until the 2017 IECA Environmental Connection!


The East Coast Erosion Control office is a buzz with last-minute preparations for the 2017 IECA Environmental Connection.

We are incredibly excited to share a big announcement with you all that week. Make sure you stop by booth 311A and chat with us! Along with that, as always, we will have lots of info on our amazing products and a few promotional items to hand out as well.  And our exhibition booth is getting a few updates, but do not worry! You will still be able to find us easily!

Head on over to the event website to get a look at the schedule. There will be an East Coast Erosion Control Product Practicum during the conference, so keep an eye out for that. Definitely check out our product line ahead of time and bring along any questions you may have about our diverse offerings for all your erosion control needs.

We are looking forward to another great Connection.

Make sure you get a good look at the free water bottles you get when you arrive at the conference…

See you all in Atlanta in a few weeks!


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